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In eastern regions the lotus symbolizes love and purity. A lotus flower tattoo can mean other things too. It can symbolize, for instance, fortune, beauty or peace. So, you may want to incorporate the lotus into a larger tattoo, which clearly indicates what you are trying to represent.

Flowers and butterfly tattoos are very easy to size and shape to fit the shape of a female’s body perfectly. Aside from that, they are both very colorful and pretty and can be hot looking with just about any color. side tattoos for girls have a great deal with symbolism. Flowers are seen as the symbols of various kinds of emotional and divine feelings.
A tattoo sleeve can be the best work of art but the hunt for the ultimate tattoo sleeve can be a little difficult. It may be time consuming to find the right design, but it is crucial. It should never be rushed or else the design could end up looking terrible.

Half sleeve tattoos. These kinds of tattoos provide even more space for placing a design. Half sleeve area, either on upper arm from shoulder to the elbow, or on forearm from elbow to the wrist is ideal place and is enough space to really show off with your tattoo. Such a large space really gives many possibilities for including person’s creativity and for message or meaning this person wants to send out with his tattoo. Half sleeve tattoo can be consisted in a group of many small tattoos for girls placed on arm during the time, or can be placed on arm as one large design.

How to Pick the Right Tattoo

Another thing to consider when picking a cute tattoo design is that it should have meaning and be original. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to go through as many designs as you can, this can easily be done from home on your computer with a good tattoo gallery. If you wanted a unique design then you can combine two designs together in order to make something completely unique.

These topics are always filled with good info, which includes posts from all sorts of people who have shared their findings of better, higher quality galleries. The subject always seems to come up, because you wouldn’t believe how many men and women are struggling to find a couple good places for tattoos. These are the types of sites that have real tattoo sleeve design selections, drawn by real artists. Generic junk doesn’t even compare.
If you are looking for a new tattoo idea you can check out some of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. She has many that are extremely sexy and provocative. It seems that stomach, side, chest, hip, lower back, shoulder, and upper arm are the most popular spots for tattoos for women. You can also get one on your wrist, foot, or hand. These spots might have the most sex appeal. Studies show that guys are most drawn to these areas.

The size and location can make a big impact on the design. You can have a petite design on your ankle or wrist. You can also add some other animals or flowers to increase the size to put the tattoo on another, larger part of your body.

Popular Tattoos for Women

One of the most popular tattoo designs for women are fairy tattoos and it is easy to see why. Fairy tattoos are very easy to adapt and allow a women to show her inner thoughts making a very special and personal tattoo. They can be done in a vast array of styles easily incorporating such thoughts as mischievousness, sexiness, and femininity just to name a few. They can also be scaled and easily fit into a variety of places making for a very versatile and ideal tattoo. Star tattoos are genuinely well-known with girls. One of the most typical destinations would be the hip, the foot, the internal wrist as well as the side with the torso.

A Celtic tattoo design of a dragon makes for a wicked picture, but what else does it mean? In ancient times a Celtic dragon could arguably have been the most powerful symbol there was.

Dragonfly and butterfly tattoo design of transformation. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. Dragonflies turn into…dragons? Sure, why not. Dragonflies represent strength, and courage. So does a dragon. With a butterfly and dragonfly tattoo design about transformation you will end up with a meaning that represents beauty and strength. This is a perfect tattoo design for a strong woman. The first part of the tattoo would be of a butterfly leaving its cocoon. It could be sitting on its open cocoon, wings down and still drying. Next to the butterfly would be your dragonfly. The best way to show that a little dragonfly has a dragon within it is through a shadow. The shadow below the dragonfly should be of a mighty dragon. Make sure to have the sun above this scene to show that this is a shadow.

Creating an authentic koi fish tattoo. Like the geisha tattoo, you want your koi fish tattoo to look real and for people to know it is a koi fish and not just a random goldfish. Your koi fish tattoo should have the distinct colors and markings of koi fish.

Balance is very important. Tattoo artists are well aware that small designs, no matter how attractive, have to be placed in such a way they look in proportion to that part of the body. There are specific parts of the body that must have smaller tattoos. There are a lot of people who sport finger tattoos. Instead of a ring, they have a tattoo. These kinds of designs can be plain or intricate and they can be inked onto one or more fingers.

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